Our Service

We put together and manage a three tier service which reduces disputes between contracting parties, and enables rapid resolution when disputes do arise.

The service includes a contract drafting service, secure storage for your contracts, and an ODR service.

Contract Drafting (Rakshak):

Rakshak is House Court’s contract drafting service. Whether you are an individual, company, or partnership, the House Court Rakshak can help you ensure that your contracts are ODR friendly, and can be enforced quickly and inexpensively.

Contracts drafted using the House Court Rakshak service not only include our Kavach ODR clauses, but are also crafted to anticipate the disputes that may arise, and make it easy for a judge to quickly decide if there is breach of contract and rapidly calculate damages and compensation.

Use our online self-serve templates to auto-generate rapidly enforceable contracts. All you will have to do is fill up a simple online form, and you will be able to download an ODR friendly contract completely free of cost.

Click here to know more about the House Court Rakshak service.

Contract Storage (Kavach):

Kavach is our secure contract storage service.

If your contract is based on a House Court template then, for a nominal fee, you can store a copy of your signed contract in our secure vault.

By storing your contract in our vault you ensure that, if there is a dispute, it will be resolved through our ODR service.

Click here to know more about the House Court Kavach service.

Dispute Resolution (The House Court):

The House Court is our end-to-end Online Dispute Resolution service. If you have a dispute based on a Kavach encrypted contract, you can use our ODR service to resolve it in as little as two months, for a very reasonable fixed cost. The cost includes includes, arbitrator fees, courtroom rents, administrative staff, video recordings of proceedings, professionally transcribed minutes (stenographer), and technology platform. GST is extra as applicable.

The House Court proceedings can take as little as two months.

If you need legal assistance for your dispute, you can even appoint a lawyer from our panel.

You can also use the House Court ODR service if your dispute arises from a contract not stored in our vault, but is rapid-resolution friendly.