Whether you are a Company, LLP, Partnership, or an individual, the House Court Kavach protects you from expensive, time-consuming litigation with your suppliers or customers.

What is the House Court Kavach?

The House Court Kavach is our secure contract storage service.

If your contract is based on a House Court template the, for a nominal fee, you can store a copy of your signed contract in our secure vault.

By storing your contract in our vault you ensure that, if there is a dispute, it will be resolved through our ODR service in as little as two months, and for a very reasonable fixed cost.

You can also download a copy of your contract whenever you wish to do so.

How to store your contract in the House Court Vault?

1. Draft your contract using a House Court Template

2. Print your contract and have all parties sign it.

2. Click here to upload your signed contract into our secure vault.

That’s It!

Once you submit your contract, it will automatically be assigned a contract code and will be stored in our encrypted vault.

If there is a dispute arising out of the contract, all you have to do is register the dispute at this link <https://housecourt.in/kavach-dispute-registration/> with the contract code.

If you need a lawyer, you can appoint one from the House Court Panel.

The arbitration will happen irrespective of whether or not the Defendant participates in the arbitration proceedings, and the award can be enforced like a court decree.