What is the House Court Rakshak?

Rakshak is House Court’s contract drafting service. Whether you are an individual, company, or partnership, the House Court Rakshak can help you ensure that your contracts are ODR friendly, and can be enforced quickly and inexpensively. Rakshak will shortly make online self-serve templates available to auto-generate enforceable contracts using our technology. These templates will be available for many common types of contracts for SMEs and individuals.

Why Do You Need The House Court Rakshak?

Most contracts are not drafted to take advantage of rapid enforcement mechanisms, because of which disputes in Indian courts can take many years to resolve and cost a lot in legal fees. 

Before signing a contract with anyone, you must ensure that your contract is drafted to be online dispute resolution friendly.

An ODR friendly contract will ensure that in case of a dispute, you can get enforceable justice in India within 3 months and for very low legal fees. 

Contracts drafted using the House Court Rakshak service not only include our Kavach ODR clauses, but are also crafted to anticipate the disputes that may arise, and make it easy for a judge to quickly decide if there is breach of contract and rapidly calculate damages and compensation. All of this for a very reasonable fee (From Rs.5000 to Rs.15,000 for most contracts).

How Does It Work?

Getting your ODR friendly contract drafted is easy –

First, click here to book your online consultation to help us understand the kind of contract you require. We charge a nominal fee of Rs. 500 plus GST for this consultation.

Once we have understood your requirement, we will give you a time and fee estimate (from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 15,000 for most contracts) to draft your contract. If you agree to the estimate, we will send you a payment link for you to make your payment.

We will work with you throughout the drafting process to ensure that your contract is not only ODR friendly, but also drafted to your specific requirements.

Services available for drafting purchase orders, services contracts, sale deeds, mergers and acquisitions, investments, consulting contracts, partnership deeds, property purchase, property rentals, and more.  

Use the House Court Rakshak to draft your contracts and enjoy rapid enforcement if the need arises.