It is a myth that businesses cannot rapidly enforce contracts in India; Or that it is costly and time-consuming to get rapid justice in India.

Whether it be collections, payments, or compensation, the Indian Judicial System has well-established mechanisms to enable rapid enforcement of contracts. 

The real problem is that most contracts signed by businesses are not drafted for rapid resolution. The agreements do not enable the use of legally recommended quick enforcement mechanisms and make it difficult to establish or measure contract breach.

HouseCourt offers a complete service to help your business to draft rapidly enforceable contracts and to get inexpensive and quick justice when you need it.

  • The HouseCourt Rakshak – A contract drafting service which delivers rapidly enforceable contracts with online self—serve templates for many types of common contracts.
  • The HouseCourt Kavach – Registering your contract for rapid, fixed price dispute resolution
  • The House Court – An online dispute resolution service to deliver enforceable awards within a fixed time and cost***

Don’t endure injustice or let your disputes remain unsolved. A legally enforceable judgment* need not take many years or a lot of money.

***The dispute resolution service price includes an arbitrator, a lawyer, if you need one, and arbitration rooms with video recorded proceedings, professionally transcribed minutes (stenographer), and administrative staff.