Upon empanelment, you will be provided with a unique Lawyer ID. You will be required to use this ID in all communication with the Platform.

When a client contacts you through the platform, you will advise him about the merit of his case, and his options. In addition, you will give him an estimate of the time and cost of proceedings in court, as well as explain the process if he decides to use the platform.

If the client decides to use the platform, you will both sign the retainer/representation agreement, for which a template is provided.

You will then draft and send a notice to the defendant, using the template provided on the website.

If the Defendant consents to using the Platform to resolve the dispute, you will jointly appoint an arbitrator from the Platform’s panel. 

You will co-operate with the arbitrator to ensure that, as far as possible, the award is passed within 2 months from the date of appointment of the arbitrator. 

If you need any additional information or clarifications, please write to us at admin@housecourt.in, or contact us by phone or WhatsApp on the numbers provided in the Contact Page.