‘Platform’ means the Dispute Resolution Services Integration Platform designed and created by the Platform Operator (Hanin Business & Consulting Private Limited)
A Customer is any person who approaches the Platform for Dispute Resolution assistance
The Platform consists of :
  • A complaint evaluation service, wherein a customer requests dispute resolution services and the platform evaluates the request for feasibility
  • A panel of lawyers, who advise and represent the customers following a fee schedule, communication methods and customer engagement contracts defined by the Platform
  • A panel of arbitrators, who follow a fee schedule, communication methods and customer engagement contracts defined by the Platform
  • Fee collection, payment and payment escrow methods
  • Digital platforms and associated services for conducting arbitration sessions
You shall be empanelled on the Platform on the following terms or amended terms that we communicate to you in future:
1. Fees:
You agree to charge a fee of Rs. 2,000 for every notice dispatched, and Rs. 16,000 for every arbitration. The Platform Operator shall collect all fees from customers in advance, and shall ensure that the fees are held in an escrow account until the dispatch of the notice or conclusion of the arbitration, as the case may be, at which point the same shall be released to you.
2. Templates 
Wherever required, you will use the document templates provided to you by the Platform Operator. These include, but are not limited to, your representation agreement with the customer and the notice to be sent to Defendant.
3. Maintenance of Professional Standards 
You will ensure that you will maintain the expected professional standards and practises of the legal profession when representing the Platform’s customers, and will represent their interests to the best of your ability
4. Breach of Terms
In the event of you breaching any terms of this Agreement, the Platform Operator reserves the right to terminate your empanelment with immediate effect.
5. Dispute Resolution & Jurisdiction
a. All disputes between the Parties arising out of this Agreement shall be resolved by Arbitration by a sole Arbitrator, appointed by mutual consent of the Parties, or, if the Parties fail to agree on an Arbitrator, as per the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 2015, as modified.
b. The venue of the Arbitration shall be Mumbai and the governing law of the Arbitration shall be Indian Law.
c. This Agreement is governed by the Laws of India and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts in Mumbai.

6. Amendments
The Platform Operator reserves the right to amend these terms without notice, at any time, and at it’s sole discretion. You are advised to regularly go through the terms on the website.