(Defendant Name and Address)
Sub: ____________
Dear Sir,
I am concerned for my client, [client name and address], under who’s instructions I hereby address you as under:
  1. [Description of Dispute]
  2. In view of the above, you are called upon to [relief being sought from Defendant], within 15 days from receipt of this notice, failing which my client has instructed me to inform you that he intends to initiate legal proceedings against you, including but not limited to [applicable proceedings that can be initiated] the significant costs and consequences of which, you will be solely liable to bear.
  3. Alternatively, my client has instructed me to inform you that, while he intends to initiate appropriate legal proceedings against you, he is willing to resolve this dispute amicably, out of court by way of arbitration, using the services provided on the Dispute Resolution Services Platform ‘House Court, by Arbitration Rooms’ ( The services of the Platform can be used to appoint an arbitrator, and conduct the arbitration using virtual meeting rooms, and the dispute can be resolved within 2 months.
  4. In the event you are amenable resolving the dispute between yourself and my client through arbitration using the Platform’s services, you are requested to provide your written consent to either myself or my client, within 15 days from the receipt of this notice, which you may please lastly note.
Yours Sincerely,