Upon your empanelment, you will be given a unique Arbitrator ID. Please use this ID in all communications with the Platform.

Once your appointment has been communicated to you, if the you accept the appointment, you will immediately complete the disclosure formalities mandated under the Act, using the templates available on the website. You will provide soft copies of the disclosure forms to the Parties. 

During the preliminary arbitration meeting, you will set out the schedule of the Arbitration in such a manner that the award can be passed within 2 months from the date of your appointment. You may pass an award based solely on pleadings and documentary evidence submitted by the Parties, if you believe the dispute can be decided in this manner.

To ensure auditing, accountability and limitation of liability of the Platform, it is essential that all arbitration sessions, will be conducted only using the Platform’s digital meeting services. You will not use any other means, such as conference calls, video conferencing applications, etc., to conduct Arbitration meetings. You may either book the meeting rooms yourself, or direct one of the Parties to do so.

In order to ensure that the award can be within the stipulated time, you will direct the Parties to arrange provide you with the Rs. 500 Non-judicial stamp paper on which the Award is to be printed prior to the completion of the Arbitration.

If you need any additional information or clarifications, please write to us at admin@housecourt.in, or contact us by phone or WhatsApp on the numbers provided in the Contact Page.