August 18, 2020

Types of Disputes Suitable For ODR

ODR can be used to resolve almost any kind of civil disputes. The only real limitation to using ODR is the complexity of the dispute.

Disputes which require parties to produce substantial amounts of evidence to prove their claims are
not suitable for ODR.

Disputes that can be resolved through ODR:
a. Disputes arising out of breach of contracts
b. Disputes regarding the quality or quantity of goods supplied or services rendered.
c. Disputes related to money payable/receivable for goods delivered or services rendered.
d. Disputes regarding the ownership of any kind of property, movable or immovable
e. Loan repayment agreements
f. Disputes related to money payable under property rental or license agreements

Always choose ODR if your dispute is ODR-friendly. It is the most efficient dispute resolution method available today.