August 11, 2020

Neha used ODR to Successfully Sue Rachna For Breach of Contract

Neha is a Mumba-based costume designer who hired Rachna to stitch her designs. Neha and Rachna signed an agreement that included a confidentiality clause.

In June 2017, the producers of a movie hired Neha to design the costumes for the film. The producers were going to extreme lengths to keep the casts’ looks under wraps. Neha wasn’t allowed to share her designs with anyone, except Rachna.

However, Rachna showed Neha’s designs to her friend Rahul, who started manufacturing the same designs. The movie’s producers fired Neha and sued her for breach of contract.

Rachna’s breach of the confidentiality clause not only cost Neha the money she would have made form the movie assignment, but also her reputation. Neha decided to take legal action against Rachna. Luckily for her, the agreement between Neha and Rachna had an ODR clause, so all disputes had to be resolved through ODR.

Neha registered her dispute on the ODR Platform, which sent a notice to Rachna, who refused to participate.

However, as the contract mandated dispute resolution via ODR, the case went ahead. Neha was awarded damages in 3 months, which she enforced through the court.

Disclaimer: All characters and names are fictional. This is a public interest story, produced by House Court