August 6, 2020

GoMart Used Arbitration To Quickly Resolve Subhashini’s Delivery Complaint

Subhashni ordered a laptop online from GoMart after going through the specifications on the site. The computer had pre-installed software that she needed for her designing assignments. To her shock, GoMart delivered the wrong laptop.

Subhashini contacted GoMart’s customer service team to request a replacement or a refund. The customer service team informed Subhashni that GoMart used an Online Dispute Resolution Platform to resolve customer related issues.

Subhashini registered her dispute with the Platform, and the Platform assigned an Arbitrator to the case. She provided proof that she had received the wrong laptop. To her pleasant surprise, the dispute was resolved within three weeks, and Subhashini received her new laptop. GoMart even agreed to pay Subhashini five thousand rupees as compensation for their error.

Subhashini was extremely happy with the entire experience. She continued buying products from GoMart, knowing that any issues would be resolved quickly with Online Dispute Resolution.

Disclaimer: All characters and names are fictional. Any resemblance to any person or entity is coincidental. This is a public interest story produced by House Court.