House Court offers lawyers anywhere in India, a platform to increase their income and reputation. A House Court empanelment is ideal for lawyers with 3  to 10 years of experience or lawyers starting independent practice.

House Court empaneled lawyers earn more trust, more income, get more clients, and earn a strong reputation much faster. Apply NOW – Click Here

Making a Sad Lawyer Happy

 By becoming a House Court certified panelist, lawyers can :

  1. Greatly increase their clientele by removing trust barriers
  2. Get guaranteed and timely fee income 
  3. Enhance their reputation


  1. Lawyers can guarantee time and cost bound judgments by asking their walk-in clients to use the House Court solution
  1. Judgments are guaranteed in 2 months, thus building the lawyer’s reputation for obtaining rapid judgments 
  1. Every client adds valuable income to the lawyer and House Court guarantees timely fee payment to the lawyer

Apply NOW – Click Here