Online Dispute Resolution will only receive widespread public acceptance if lawyers have the tools needed to convince their clients of its efficiency.
The relationship between a client and a lawyer is one of the utmost trust. A client is far more likely to use ODR to resolve his dispute if it is recommended to him by his lawyer, rather than if he comes across an ODR service or platform. Therefore, lawyers must have the tools to educate their clients about ODR and its benefits effectively.
House Court recognizes the importance of the role of the lawyer in popularising ODR in India.
House Court helps it’s empaneled lawyers introduce ODR to their clients by providing them with material like customized, WhatsApp-friendly brochures. We aim to make it easy for our panel lawyers to explain to their clients how ODR works, and reassure them that it is a safe and effective dispute resolution tool. What’s more, we provide this material to our lawyers free of cost.
House Court aims to use technology to give Indians access to time and cost-effective justice. We recognize that the only way to accomplish this is to work with lawyers to educate their clients about ODR.