What is the price of the service?

Drafting of agreements will cost Rs. 2,999 and the service costs Rs. 5,999 for each distributor/retailer.

Do we have to pay anything more than Rs. 5999/- if there is a dispute?

No. This is all that you pay.

Does the service get us a judicial order, and is it enforceable?

Yes. The arbitration orders have the same enforceability as the decree of a trial court and can only be appealed in appellate courts.

How is it possible to get a judicial order within two months in India?

The contracts, the service and the Agency are all compliant with a fast track arbitration process. Fast track arbitration does not require hearings and in this case, the arbitrators will follow the House Court process.

Are you giving a guarantee of a judicial order?

A judicial order is possible only if the manufacturer/distributor complied with the conditions mentioned in the contract. Also, if in future, the law is modified to disallow these processes, the judicial order may not be possible.

After getting the order, how do we get the compensation amount?

The process of enforcement is the same as that of any decree of a civil court. You may follow the same process.

Is our city the jurisdiction of the judicial order?

Yes. The judicial order is subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of your city.

Do we have to pay additional legal fees to get the judicial order?

No, you do not have to pay any additional legal fees to get the judicial order. However, if the order grants you legal costs in addition to compensation, those granted costs are payable to the Agency.

We have many distributors and/or retailers many people. Can we get a discounted price?

Aggregations such as yours increase our risks and costs. So a discount is not possible.

Are your prices the same for all manufacturers/distributors? 
Yes. However, we reserve the right to increase prices for a particular manufacturer or distributor, if disputes for that entity are higher than average.
Are your prices the same for every distributor/retailer?
Yes our prices are the same for all distributors/retailers
Why don’t you just provide the templates of the two contracts and we will send you the completed and signed contracts. This will save us Rs. 2,999.
We are happy to give you the templates. However, if you do not use the PDF contracts generated by our automated process, we will have to engage a lawyer to manually check your contract document. That will cost you an additional Rs. 50,000 in professional fees. It is cheaper and faster when you use our drafting form and pay the Rs. 2,999