Dinesh owns Splendid Renovations, a renovations company. The Naidu family hired the company to do up their New Delhi home. Since the Naidus were acquainted with Dinesh’s childhood friend Ranka, he agreed to their request to pay the five lakh fee in instalments.

The Naidu’s paid Splendid Renovations Rupees 3 lakhs, which covered the cost of labor and material. After completing the work, Dinesh raised an invoice for the remaining two lakh rupees. However, despite several reminders, the Naidus did not pay.

Dinesh wanted to recover the amount but knew that suing the Naidus would be expensive and time-consuming. Luckily for Dinesh, his friend Anand, a lawyer, introduced him to Online Arbitration. Dinesh registered a dispute with an Online Arbitration Platform and recovered his money in just three months. And because he won the case, the Naidus had to pay the legal costs as well

Online arbitration combines the benefits of arbitration with the power of modern technology. If you have a dispute, save your time and money and solve it with online arbitration.

Disclaimer: All characters and names are fictional. This story is a public interest story produced by House Court, an online arbitration platform