Lawyers can benefit hugely by joining an online dispute resolution panel. They will create a new income stream for themselves by winning more clients.

The lockdown related shutdown of the courts has severely impacted the livelihood of lawyers. The lockdown induced economic recession will be with us for several years, and clients will hesitate to initiate expensive court action.

Lawyers will struggle to survive unless they create new, stable, long-term income streams, that are entirely independent of the courts.

The House Court Platform will help lawyers to create a new income stream by allowing them to offer their clients convenient, timely, and cost-effective dispute resolution.

Clients will prefer lawyers who can deliver resolution in a reasonable time. Clients will initiate proceedings only when the costs are reasonable and known in advance. Lawyers who offer this kind of service will win clients and will be immune to income shocks from the lockdown or the recession.

The best part is that as all fees are via escrow, lawyers need not worry about fee defaults or delayed payments!

Lawyers who join the House Court Platform will create a new, steady income stream for themselves while at the same time delivering cost-effective, time-bound, justice for their clients.

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