Lawyers can and must deliver a rapid resolution in weeks or months to their clients. Their clients should not have to wait for years to see justice done.

When a client goes to a lawyer with a problem, he rightfully expects to get results within a reasonable time, especially for business-related issues. Most lawyers are unable to assure their clients of time-bound solutions.

By joining the House Court Panel, lawyers can offer rapid, time-bound solutions to their clients. House Court enables parties to resolve their disputes within two months.

House Court does this by mandating that all arbitration sessions use our meeting rooms, with time accountability facilitated by our empaneled arbitrators.

Lawyers’ fees are paid from an escrow account on completion of proceedings, so clients know that they are paying only for results. The escrow also ensures that the lawyer gets guaranteed and timely payment.

Lawyers should not have to tell potential clients that they must wait for years to see results. As a member of the House Court panel, they can sign-up the client and assure a rapid resolution!

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