[Defendant Name and Address]
Sub: Invocation of Arbitration Clause under [insert date of agreement]
Dear Sir,
I am concerned for my client, [client name and address], under who’s instructions I hereby address you as under:
  1. [Description of Dispute]
  2. In view of the above, my client intends to initiate arbitration, as contemplated under clause [insert arbitration clause number] of the agreement dated [insert date of agreement], and hereby invokes the said clause.
  3. In pursuance of the initiation arbitration, my client has registered the dispute with the House Court Platform, and the Platform has provided the following panel of arbitrators: [insert first name], [insert second name], [insert third name]
  4. You are called upon to, within 30 days from receipt of this notice, provide your consent for arbitration, as well as your preferred choice of Arbitrator, failing which my client shall appoint the arbitrator and the arbitral proceedings may proceed ex-parte.
Yours Sincerely,