Our contracts are designed to enable rapid enforcement (award in as little as two months) through fast track arbitration by pre-defining the evidence required in a dispute, thereby eliminating the need for hearings.

A Rs. 500/- (inclusive of GST) drafting fee is charged per contract.

The signed contract can also be registered for Rs. 3,999/-, for the House Court Enforcement Service.

In the event of a dispute the House Court Service gets the registering party a lawyer, has the arbitrator appointed, and co-ordinates with the lawyer, client and arbitrator to ensure timely document filings thereby facilitating rapid delivery of a binding arbitral award, which is enforceable in the same manner as a decree of a civil court.

Please note that there are no additional legal fees apart from the Rs. 3,999/- registration fee. However, if the arbitration award provides for costs, those costs are payable to House Court.