Lawyers are facing many difficulties due to the virtual shutdown of the courts caused by the lockdown. However, the crisis is also an opportunity to enhance the practice with new and superior legal services for clients.

Lawyers can free our people from the slow and unpredictable wheels of justice, with rapid, time-bound resolution.

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House Court empaneled lawyers can offer a complete, time and cost bound, dispute resolution service to their clients.

House Court includes documentation assistance, access to a skilled Arbitrator, virtual meeting rooms with video recordings, and minuting for oral hearings.

Also, all fees are paid in advance and held in escrow. So lawyers are assured that their fees are paid and paid on time.

Lawyers on House Court can deliver cost bound, legally enforceable arbitral awards, in as little as two months, to their clients.

House Court lawyers will increase their income, enhance their reputation, and grow their clientele.

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